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Information on Peter Christian Schwarz

My Great-Great Grandfather Gottlieb Andreas Christian Schwarz was born in Laase, Rügen on January 7, 1817. He was baptized on January 14, 1817. He was the third child of Peter Christian Schwarz and Christine Friederika Grönhagen. Gottlieb became a sailor and at some point settled in Amsterdam where he married Johanna Maria Elisabeth Schildwacht on August 21, 1844. Gottlieb died at sea on the Dutch ship Javaan on August 6, 1850. At some point his parents moved from Laase to Altenkirchen. His mother, Christine Friederika Grönhagen died in Altenkirchen on March 11, 1844 and was buried on March 14, 1844. I have some information on Peter Christian Schwarz's ancestors in Rügen. I would like to get any additional information on Peter's family, his wife's family and any of the Schwarz descendants.
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Information on Arthur James Jenkins

Arthur James Jenkins was born 31 Jul 1887 in Gravesend, Kent, England, Great Britain. In 1917 he joined the Canadian army and was stationed at Saint Jean, , Quebec, Canada. He married Anna Robinson Anderson on 3 Jul 1917 in London, Ontario, Canada
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 Mystery Photos


Found in Drost Album
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Unknow Couple

Found in Jan Schwarz II and Sophia Struijkenkamp photos
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