Jan R. Schwarz Genealogy. The Schwarz - Spears - Hassebroek Family Histories
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This site contains my research into our family history. The key families are Schwarz including Molleman, Struijkenkamp, Kramer, Tasseron, Drost, and Sleijster; Spears including Bartman, Jenkins, and Anderson; along with Hassebroek, Dijkman, and many more.

I've used the following convention for birth dates:

  • Abt 1845 (or About 1845) is used when I don't have a specific date, but calculated a year based on age when an event took place (marriage, census, etc.). In this case the birth year could be 1845 or 1844 depending on the actual birth month and day.
  • Est 1845 (or circa 1845) if I have no information about the birth date. I then guess at a date based on parents, spouse or children assuming approximately 25 years per generation. This guess could be out by 10 or 20 years, but I find it useful in lists, reports and research to have an idea of when the person was born.

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You can display some of our key ancestors and their families by selecting one of the following links.

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Drost/ten Bookum


Some of my current brick walls:
The parents of Gottlieb Andreas Christian Schwarz
Arthur James Jenkins

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