Jan R. Schwarz Genealogy. The Schwarz - Spears - Hassebroek Family Histories
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151 A lot on Durham Rd (one of 50 lots on Concession 2 & 3) Family F1112
152 A number of census records list his birth as Nov 18, 1863, but his birth record shows it is actually«b» Feb 18, 1863«/b» Zeeman, Cornelis Andries (I2845)
153 A number of records, especially Amsterdam census records show her birth as Nov 19, 1826; but her actual birth record confirms it was Nov 19, 1828. Schildwacht, Maria Elizabeth (I2832)
154 Aansluitend was Annette een jaar in Münster bij de familie van een Consistoriaal President (of voorzitter... geen idee wat het is ). Hassebroek, Annette (I3353)
155 Aaron Dean 36 Ontario Engineer, German
Almeda Dean 31 ", Irish
Alice Dean 15 "
Emma Dean 13 "
Cornelia Dean 10 "
Estella Dean 6 "
John Dean 3 "
Bertha Dean 11/12 December " 
Family F2226
156 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I2100)
157 According to his marriage banns he was born about 1752, but his death record would indicate 1750. There is also a possible christening record for Mar 1, 1750. It is likely he gave a younger age at his marriage (32) since his bride was much younger (23). Grevink, Isaac (I8948)
158 According to Karl Knäusel in his genealogical book about the HASSEBROEKS, states on page 207 (loose translation from german): Caspar Anthony was not born in Oldersum but came as a refugees, posibly from Flanders, as a result of persecution Hassebroek, Casper Anthony (I3304)
159 According to the 1861 census and Rev John Speers

The 1861 census has him at age 47 => born about 1814, but the 1871 census has him at 50 => born about 1821 
Spears, John (I2207)
160 Adept in mathematics and science and brought up under the dark night skies in rural Ontario, it was thus natural that Jack would learn to make his own reflecting telescope and became an amateur astronomer. He exhibited that intimate knowledge of the sky that often defines the serious amateur. While functioning as an amateur, Jack met and was strongly influenced by Peter Millman, who was at the University of Toronto at the time. Millman's influence was no doubt responsible for Jack's lifetime interest in meteors. Grant, John Mason "Jack" (I4490)
161 After five months with him (in Denver) he made his way to San Francisco, where he worked for short periods at various things, as bell-hop in hotels, messenger boy, etc .
Jenkins, Arthur James (I2089)
162 After his second wife died, Derk moves to Putten Drost, Derk (I123)
163 aged 6 mo 9 days Hopkins, William Ed J. M. (I9463)
164 Alan Francis Montague Grant was killed in action at Bailleul on 18th June 1916. He was 23, a Second Lieutenant in the Queens (Royal West Surrey Regiment). His memorial is at the Bailleul Communal Cemetery. His father was given administration of his estate, valued at £422 18s 8d. Grant, Alan Francis Montague (I4507)
165 Alexander Bell 34 Ont Mill man Irish
Susan Bell 32 Ont English
Pearl Clifford Bell 5 Ont
Agnus E. Bell 4 Ont 
Family F2287
166 Alfred Gords was een vlijtige en bekwame >Geramiker=en heeft tot aan het eind van zijn leven gewerkt. op het laatst was hij niet meer in zijn beroep werkzaam, maar in een museum voor Prehistorie.
Gorgs, Alfred (I3390)
167 Algemene begraafplaats Heerhugowaard

Krusemanlaan 110 
Abcouwer, Anna J. "Ansje" (I4305)
168 algemene begraafplaats van Oostzaan, in een algemeen graf, nr. VI D-5 Serier, Johanna (I558)
169 All 3 moved in on 16 Jul 1937 from Insulindeweg 27 huis

Dirk & Joop Schwarz moved out on 6 Sep 1937 to Amstelkade 57 III (house of brother Friederich)
Jan R Schwarz moved out on 3 Nov 1937 to Middenweg 53 B II
Schwarz, Jan Roelof II (I3)
170 All activities in the early 1900's centered on the Chesterwold community, located 8 miles southeast of Pigeon Lake. Pete COOPER, an early pioneer arrive in 1902 and named the Chesterwold Post Office after his home town in Nebraska. The hub of the Chesterwold district (S.E. 32-44-27) consisted of a post office, store, and later a huge dance hall and a barn which held twenty-six teams. Later the Chesterwold district was divided into two school districts Pigeon Creek in 1905, and Half-Way Grove in 1918.
It was not until 1901 and 1902 that men in any appreciable numbers began filing on homesteads in the Chesterwold district. However the country "settled" quickly ...

Spears, Percy (I1205)
171 All are Irish 7 Church of England

Cuff Robert «tab»M Head «tab»M Aug 27 1818 82 England farmer (Irish) Immigrated in 1846
Cuff Margaret «tab»F Wife «tab»M Dec 12 1823 77 Ireland
Cuff William «tab»M Son «tab»M May 2 1871 29 Ontario farmer's son
Cuff Eleaner «tab»F Wife «tab»M May 24 1871 29 Ontario
Cuff Robert W. «tab»M Son «tab»S Feb 28 1894 7 Ontario
Cuff Margaret E.F Daugr S Mar 28 1895 6 Ontario
Cuff George E. «tab»M Son «tab»S Apr 16 1898 2 Ontario 
Family F2205
172 All are Irish, Methodest E except Martha who is Church of England

James Hopkins «tab»«tab»M «tab»33y «tab»Ontario farmer
Elizabeth Hopkins «tab»F «tab»32y «tab»Ontario
Martha J. Hopkins «tab»F «tab»11y «tab»Ontario
Richard C. Hopkins «tab»M «tab»7y «tab»Ontario
Frances G. Hopkins «tab»F «tab»3y «tab»Ontario
Thomas S. Hopkins «tab»M «tab»2y «tab»Ontario
Albert E. Hopkins «tab»M «tab»1y «tab»Ontario
Martha Hopkins «tab»«tab»F «tab»75y «tab»Ireland widow
Arthur J. Charlwood «tab»M «tab»19y «tab»Ontario 
Family F2189
173 All born in Ontario
Edward T Hopkins «tab»48 farmer
Mary Matilda Hopkins 44
Arthur Hopkins «tab»23 black smith
Gordon Hopkins «tab»21 railroader
Roy Hopkins «tab»19 farmer
Edward Hopkins «tab»16 farmer
Ruth Hopkins «tab»13
Lillian Hopkins «tab»10 
Family F1011
174 All born in Ontario, Baptists

BELROSE Michol 46 Farmer
BELROSE Issebelle 39
BELROSE George 16
BELROSE Elebeth 12
BELROSE Thomas 10
BELROSE Fredrick 8
BELROSE Bencen 5
BELROSE Allas 1/2 
Family F1143
175 All born in Ontario, Church Of England

Dean John «tab» M Head «tab» M Apr 23 1863 33 Millwirght
Dean Hannah «tab» F Wife «tab» M Apr 16 1872 29
Dean Elsie «tab» F Daughter S Apr 26 1892 9
Dean Ida «tab» F Daughter S Aug 15 1894 7
Dean Ray «tab» M Son «tab» S Apr 19 1896 5
Dean Margaret «tab» F Daughter S Feb 11 1898 3
Dean Lillian «tab» F Daughter S Oct 27 1900 5/12 
Family F2115
176 All born in Ontario, English, Anglican

John C Dean «tab» 53 farmer - father & mother born in Ontario
Hannah Dean «tab» 44 father born in England, mother in Scotland
Aaron Dean «tab» 18 labourer
Daisy Dean «tab» 16
Henry Dean «tab» 14
Leonard Dean «tab» 12
Mildred Dean «tab» 10
Orton Dean «tab» 7 
Family F2115
177 All Church of England

John Cuff 70 Ireland Widowed farmer

John Barker 33 Ireland Married farmer
Ann Barker 31 Ont Married
Jane Barker 8 Ont
Benjamin Barker 6 Ont
Annie Barker 4 Ont
Mary Barker 3 Ont 
Family F2164
178 All Irish, Church Of England

Hutton Issac «tab»M Head «tab»M Apr 11 1845 55 Ireland, Immigration: 1847, farmer
Hutton Sarah «tab»F Wife «tab»M Feb 1856 45 Ont
Hutton Charles «tab»M Son «tab»S Apr 27 1882 19 " Farmer's son
Hutton Charlet «tab»F Daugt«tab»S Oct 13 1886 15 "
Hutton Thomas «tab»M Son «tab»S Apr 8 1888 13 "
Hutton Maggie «tab»F Daugt«tab»S May 2 1891 10 "
Hutton William «tab»M Son «tab»S Jan 19 1898 3 " 
Family F2176
179 All Irish, Methodist
Willingham William «tab»M Head «tab»M «tab» 1844 57, Ireland - Stableman
Willingham Henertte «tab»F Wife «tab»M «tab» 1844 57, Ontario
Willingham Elizebeth «tab»F Daugt«tab»S Feb 12 1881 20, "
Willingham William A «tab»M Son «tab»S Jan 1888 13, "
Willingham Henry B «tab»M Son «tab»S Feb 1890 11, "
Family F2218
180 All Methodist
Ball William «tab»M Head «tab» M Feb 1840 61 Ireland, Farmer, to Canada in 1842
Ball Sarah «tab»F Wife «tab» M Jul 23 1843 57
Ball Rebecca «tab»F Daughter S Aug 23 1870 30 Ont
Ball Victoria «tab»F Daughter S Mar 22 1880 21 Ont
Ball William «tab»M Son S Jan 28 1871 29 Ont, Farmer's son
Ball Frederick «tab»M Son S Jul 12 1877 23 Ont, Farmer's son
Ball Wesley «tab»M Son S Jul 11 1883 17 Ont, Farmer's son
Ball Minnie «tab»F Daughter S Apr 7 1882 19 Ont
Ball Eva «tab» F Daughter S Nov 6 1885 15 Ont 
Family F2281
181 All Methodist, born in Ontario, Irish

James Hopkins 23 farmer
Elizabeth 22
Martha Jane 1 
Family F2189
182 All of the children were born in London. Keith the youngest was born in 1930, so they must have moved to Hamilton some time after his birth. Family F971
183 All Protestant, living in a one story log house
Henry Shouldice 70 Ireland Constable
Elizabeth Shouldice 70 Ireland
Ellen Shouldice/Bartman 31 Ireland
George Bartman 40 Ireland Labourer
Sarah Bartman 9 Ireland
Julius Bartman 7 Ireland
John Bartman 3 Ireland
George Bartman 1 Canada 
Family F1113
184 All Protestant, living in a one story log house
Henry Shouldice 70 Ireland Constable
Elizabeth Shouldice 70 Ireland
Ellen Shouldice/Bartman 31 Ireland
George Bartman 40 Ireland Labourer
Sarah Bartman 9 Ireland
Julius Bartman 7 Ireland
John Bartman 3 Ireland
George Bartman 1 Canada 
Family F2277
185 All Wesleyan Methodist
Ball William «tab»M Head «tab» M 32 Ireland, Farmer
Ball Sarah «tab»F Wife «tab» M 26 Ireland
Ball Helen F Daughter S 9 Ontario
Ball Sarah F Daughter S 7 Ont
Ball Elizabeth F Daughter S 5 Ont
Ball Rebecca «tab»F Daughter S 3 Ont
Ball William «tab»M Son S 4/12 Ont 
Family F2281
186 Als jong meisje van 14 jaar ging Annette op 2.7.1888 naar Borkum. Daar bleef zij om verschillende redenen niet lang en zij ging naar haar stiefouders in Oldersum terug. Hassebroek, Annette (I3353)
187 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F1694
188 Always seeking new and broader experiences and with a desire unwhetted to see new places, he next went to Boston and worked for a time as . an electrician Jenkins, Arthur James (I2089)
189 and Solomon Spears in 1883 Family F978
In Memory of
Born Aprl 16th 1838
Died June 4th 1924
His Beloved Wife
Matilda Cripps
Born April 4th 1854
Died April 17th 1929
Till we meet again
Anderson, William (I2699)
In Memory of
Born Aprl 16th 1838
Died June 4th 1924
His Beloved Wife
Matilda Cripps
Born April 4th 1854
Died April 17th 1929
Till we meet again
Cripps, Matilda (I4469)
192 Anna Robertson on Birth record

Anna Robinson on marriage record 
Anderson, Anna Robinson (I2090)
193 Anna was buried in the cemetary of the Neder-Duits
Hervormde Kerk in Finsterwolde; she spent the last
sixteen years of her life in a Home for the elderly
in Finsterwolde. The housefather of the home was a
mr Schuur. Anna was known to smoke a pipe! On her
90th birthday Anna was honoured by the local brass
band. Her grandson Jan Hassebroek, and his father were present at the funeral.

Jan Hassebroek 
Hassebroek, Anna (I601)
194 Anna's new husband moves in with her at her mother's house, joining her mother and sister Sophia and brother Bernardus Family F60
195 Anni was a very active parishioner of Grace Lutheran Church, especially with Women's groups.

Anni's family will receive visitors at Grace Lutheran Church, 213 Linwell Road, St. Catharines on Saturday, August 22nd from 9-10am with a funeral service following in the church at 10am. Burial will follow the funeral in Pleasantview Memorial Gardens, Hwy #20, Fonthill. If desired, memorial donations to the Lung Association or Grace Lutheran Church would be appreciated by the family.
Loewen, Anni (I7258)
196 Annie Lavina Vincent
VINCENT, Annie Lavina - At Huronview Home, Clinton on Thursday, October 13, 2011 Annie Lavina (Leatherland) Vincent formerly of Londesborough in her 93rd year. Beloved wife of the late Norman Vincent. Loving mother of Clare of Brussels, Doug & Donna of Blyth, Jack & Anne of Auburn and Mary Lou & Arnold of Windsor. Dear grandmother of Bruce, Ron, Rob, Jeff, Greg, Tammy, Leanne and Stacey and 11 great grandchildren. Dear sister-in-law of Ruth Vincent. Also missed by many nieces and nephews. Predeceased by her daughters-in-law Darlene and Wilma and her grandson Mike. Friends were received at the FALCONER FUNERAL HOMES LTD. Clinton Chapel, 153 High St. Clinton on Sunday from 1:00-4:00 p.m. and one hour before the Funeral Service which was held on Monday, October 17, 2011 at 2:00 p.m. Pastor Les Cook officiated. Interment Blyth Union Cemetery. Pallbearers were Bruce Vincent, Ron Vincent, Rob Vincent, Jeff Vincent, Greg McClinchey and Al Squires. Flowerbearers were Tammy Squires, Leanne Vincent, Jasmine Squires and Deb Busby. Donations to the Londesborough United Church or a charity of your choice would be appreciated as expressions of sympathy. 
Leatherland, Annie Lavina (I2136)
197 Antoine Lemoine «tab»M «tab»49y «tab»Ontario Farmer
Annie Lemoine «tab»«tab»F «tab»42y «tab»Ireland
Egnes Lemoine «tab»«tab»F «tab»17y «tab»Ontario
Susan Lemoine «tab»«tab»F «tab»15y «tab»Ontario
Edward J. Lemoine «tab»M «tab»14y «tab»Ontario
Silas Lemoine «tab»«tab»M «tab»11y «tab»Ontario
Jane E. Lemoine «tab»F «tab»9y «tab»Ontario
Anderson Lemoine «tab»M «tab»7y «tab»Ontario
Thomas H. Lemoine «tab»M «tab»4y «tab»Ontario
Isaac N. Lemoine «tab»M «tab»8m «tab»Ontario 
Family F3935
198 arbeider in 1866 Kelderhans, Jan (I131)
199 arbeider in 1871 van Eijken, Egbert (I168)
200 Arie moves in with his brother Zeeger and his family. On Mar 20 his son Leendert Pieter joins him. Abcouwer, Arie (I3877)

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