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2 acres were improved of which 0.5 acres planted with potatoes producing 100 bushels and 1.5 acres with hay producing 2 tons.

They also had 2 milk cows, 1 cattle and 2 swine. During the year 3 swine were killed or sold for slaughter.

They produced 100 pounds of butter and 35 yards homemade cloth. 
Family F1106

Audrey Spears: "We were all born in London, Ont. where Dad & Mother (who would never tell their ages) had a coal business & then Dad worked for London Life Insurance & was their top salesman." 
Jenkins, Arthur James (I2089)

his brother Johannes and family went V O W on Nov 10, 1947, which turned out to be two years in Völlen, , Niedersachsen, Germany 
Schwarz, Johannes Marinus Eliza (I7093)

Household Members: «tab»
Name «tab»Age
Arthur Jenkins «tab»32
Anna Jenkins «tab»30
Raymond Jenkins «tab»1
Adan Anderson «tab»18
Emil Anderson «tab»16 
Family F971

In 1782 was dit gebouw, Spin- en Nieuwe Werkhuis geheeten, aan het Weesperveld (Nieuwe Prinsengracht) gereed en werd de bevolking van het Willige Rasphuis er heen overgebracht, terwijl ook de gevangenen uit het Spinhuis, hoewel streng van de anderen gescheiden, er werden gehuisvest. Aanvankelijk had het niet in de bedoeling gelegen ook deze in het huis onder te brengen. Opgenomen werden, behalve opgebrachte bedelaars en vrijwilligers, ook geld- (later request-) gasten (d.z. op verzoek van ouders opgenomen) en schoutsgasten (d.z. tot lichte hechtenis veroordeelden). Omstreeks 1806 bedroeg de sterkte der bevolking gewoonlijk 600 à 800, maar steeg een enkle maal tot 1000, zijnde het hoogste getal, dat geborgen kon worden. In 1813 was dit getal zelfs tot 1200 gestegen, nog ongerekend de Spinhuisvrouwen.
van der Velden, Jacobus (I4386)

Oom Dick arrived in NY first with his brother Jan Hendrik and a friend A. Stoeling in August. They went to a relative - J. Roskam of 157 7th St. Hoboken NJ

Tante Bets and their son Dick came later. 
Stoltenborg, Derk Jan (I62)

Ray enlisted in the Air Force - he desperately wanted to be a pilot, but was so air-sick that they used him to try to discover what caused it, but he was so dreadfully sick that they made him transfer to the Tank Brigade as a Lieutenant. He told us he was in the first tank to enter Germany! 
Jenkins, Raymond Arthur (I2091)
"Lieve kinderen en kleinkinderen, In de brief die moeder schrijft vinden jullie alles was gij weten wilt. Zoo'n briefkaart is daar te klein voor. Wij zijn gezond alleen ben ik erg verkouden geworden maar dat komt in de beste families voor. Felix, je moet ons een paar enveloppen sturen en papier. Stuur vooral geen goed meer want dan hebben wij kans dat als wij doorgezonden worden wij het moeten achterlaten. Wat je wel sturen mag en wat wij graag zouden hebben dat schrijft moeder wel in de brief. Dan ligt er in de kast in de kamer nog briefjes voor 2 1/2 liter melk bij Bruinisse. Deze liggen in een kopje. En nu weest allen hartelijk gegroet van je vader". 
Naarden, Hijman (I6221)
150 acres, 45 were improved
Produced in Winchester bushels: 45 wheat, 50 barley, 12 pease, 200 potatoes
100 pounds maple sugar
had 11 cows, 5 horses, 11 sheep, and 8 hogs
produced 8 yards cloth and 24 yards of linen, plus 25 pounds of whool 
Family F1227
64 acres with 1 house and 1 barn, 1 plough, and 1 farming mill
34 acres improved, 2 acres pasture
10 acres wheat producing 50 bushels spring wheat
200 bushels oats, 100 bushels Peas,
0.5 acre potatoes producing 50 bushels
3 acres Hay producing 3 tons
60 pounds maple sugar
2 milk cows and 5 cattle, 12 sheep
Also killed or sold 3 sheep and 1 swine
Produced 100 pounds butter and 35 pounds wool
12 cords of firewood 
Family F1135

Caroline Belson Hepburn
Lowestoft, Waveney District, Suffolk, England
DEATH«tab»25 Oct 1960 (aged 86– 87)
Wiarton, Bruce County, Ontario, Canada
Edgehill Cemetery
Wiarton, Bruce County, Ontario, Canada
MEMORIAL ID«tab»153063009 · View Source

Mrs. A. H. Hepburn Passes
Died at Goins nursing home, Wiarton. 86 years old. The former Caroline Belson, daughter of the late Daniel Belson and his wife Charlotte Rising. She immigrated along with her family when she was one year old. The family first settled int he Brantford Galt area, moving to the Bruce Peninsula about four years later. The settled at Adamsville, north of Colpoys Bay. 
Belson, Caroline (I10654)
All are Methodists
Hopkins Richard J M Head «tab»M «tab»Nov 15 «tab»1841 59 «tab»
Hopkins Bethia «tab» F Wife «tab»M «tab»May 9 «tab»1843 57 «tab»«tab»
Hopkins Gilbert M Son «tab»S «tab»Jan 23 «tab»1885 15 «tab»«tab»
Hopkins Lottie «tab» F Daughter «tab»S «tab»Jul 22 «tab»1888 12
Hopkins Myrtle «tab» F Daughter «tab»S «tab»Dec 23 «tab»1891 9

Richard is a self emploeyd Carpenter earning $500/yr, In 1846 came to Canada 
Family F2190
All born in Ontario, Baptist
Belrose George Head 1865-01-19 Fisherman
Belrose Sarah Wife 1866-11-18
Belrose Malen Son 1886-10-23
Belrose George W Son 1887-11-10
Belrose Isabella Daughter 1890-05-22
Belrose Mary Daughter 1892-07-21
Belrose Leonie M Daughter 1899-01-27 
Family F1027
Back LtoR: Elizabeth Ann "Lizzie" b1867, John James b1859, Helena Mae b1880, Thomas Mahlon b1871/2. Margaret Jane b1884. George W Evans b1865
Front LtoR: Frederick "Fred" William b1873, Michael b1837, Isabella b1842, Benson b1876 
Family F1143
George 37 M (1844) French Quebec Carpenter
Elizebeth 30 M (1851) English Ontario
Nancey 25 (1856) English Ontario
Richard A. 8 (1873) English Ontario
Walter H. 6 (1875) English Ontario
Laura M. 4 (1877) English Ontario
Effie J. 2 (1879) English Ontario
David S. 0 (1880 Dec) English Ontario

All Religion: C.Meth 
Family F2118
Belrose George «tab»M Head «tab»M «tab»Jan «tab»1866 «tab»45
Belrose Sarah «tab»F Wife «tab»M «tab»Nov «tab»1867 «tab»44
Belrose Mahlon «tab»M Son «tab»S «tab»Oct «tab»1886 «tab»24
Belrose Bella «tab»F Daughter S «tab»May «tab»1890 «tab»21
Belrose Maretta «tab»F Daughter S «tab»Jan «tab»1899 «tab»12
Belrose Bertha «tab»F Daughter S «tab»Jul «tab»1903 «tab»8 
Family F1027
Belrose Wesley «tab»M «tab»Head «tab»M «tab»Nov «tab»1888 «tab»23
Belrose Debra «tab»F «tab»Wife «tab»M «tab»Mar «tab»1892 «tab»19
Belrose Kingsley «tab»M «tab»Son «tab»S «tab»May «tab»1911 «tab»1 
Family F1030
Biography Linda Ann Turner was born in Hollywood, California on April 30, 1952. She survived by her parents Bob & Kitty Berguist, her daughter Samantha Rosier-Pfaffinger, her son-in-law Erich Pfaffinger, her son Justin Solimo, her sister Ginny Dubow, nephew Murray Dubow and best friend Katie Ludwig. Linda had been ill the last 4 years with debilitaing asthma and heart disease. However, her passing was not expected and a huge shock to everyone. Linda will always be remembered for her genourosity, laughter and the love she shared. She was kind and warm hearted to all she met. Linda passed away peacefully on April 13, 2004. 
Turner, Linda Ann (I6654)
Boeckh Charles 53 France - Lutheran
Boeckh Henrietta 45, France - Catholic
Boeckh Emile 15, United States - Lutheran
Boeckh Caroline 18, United States - Lutheran
Boeckh Charles 12, Ontario - Lutheran
Boeckh Eugenie 10, Ontario - Lutheran
Boeckh Louisa 8, Ontario - Lutheran
Boeckh Augustus 7, Ontario - Lutheran
Boeckh Georgette 4, Ontario - Lutheran 
Family F3846
Both he and his wife lived there until they died (she in 1948, he in 1962)

Son Leendert Moved out June 16, 1938 to Van Ostadestraat 193 III (with his wife and son)
Son Friedrich Wilhelm lived there until March 1, 1988
Daughter Gerardina A. lives there until her death Apr 12, 1973
Son Hendrik P. comes and goes several times and dies here Sept. 3, 1979 
Family F11
14 December 1837
[PAC, Upper Canada Sundries, v. 180, pp. 99241-2]

... he was with others who took arms &c. from some, ... A [Angus]
MK [MackenzieJ with 2 others come to Dep [Deponent's] house the
eveng [evening] before[,] said the Gov his 6 counsellors & the city of
Toronto was taken by the reform party - & asked Dep what he meant to
do sd. did not Know, was told a meeting wd be at his [,] A [Angus] M
[Mackenzie's][,] house next day & he best come - they went away -
. . . went next morng to the meeting, a great number, took his Musket,
as others who had arms did - the conclusion of the meeting was, that
nearly all, Dep among the number[,] turned out viz, volunteered to go
to assist WLM & his party who, as the[yJ heard & believed, had taken
the Gov[,] the city of Toronto &c. - AM appeared to take the lead,
Donald Black[,] T. [ThomasJ G. [Galloway] was there, but as they
spoke Gaelic which Dep does not understand, was at a loss to Know
many things was said, - but no orders shewn no force used, but was
told by A M. he wd be in danger of losing his life if he did not go with
them, from the Tories who wd shoot him [-J they seperated, Dep went
with those who took a gun from A Gallaway[,] 2 at J. yourt[']s, did not
say any thing to dissuade them from doing so[,] went with the party. A
M. leader, past his own home, to Shepherd[']s in E [East] F.
[Flamboro] & afterwds seperated, did not use any compulsion with
Dep to force him to go with them - they were to meet next morning at
A.Mks to go off to Toronto, to assist the reform party - Dep did not go
did not hear any news but considered he had went rather too far -
nothing sd. when they parted about returning or paying for the guns
&c. taken,. AM & the others took them with them[.]

John Anderson farmed in the Nassagaweya area. After taking his deposition, the
magistrates freed him on bail.

Angus Mackenzie, a Nassagaweya area farmer, was indicted for his part in the
events of December. He fled and was attainted a traitor.

Donald Black , a Scot, and his brothers settled in the southwestern part of the
province in 1798. Donald moved to Nassagaweya in 1823, where he acquired 100
unpatented acres of lot 17, concession 5. In 1837 he was the township clerk. 
Anderson, John (I2485)
Denelda Smith
1921 - 2009

Smith, Denelda - of Tobermory, peacefully at Grey Bruce Health Services Lion's Head on Monday, October 19th, 2009. The former Bertha Denelda McFarlane in her 88th year. Devoted mother of Nancy Hooey (late Joe), Helen Addison (Norman), Don Smith (friend Pat Davis), David Smith (Sue), Doug Smith (Marie), Heather Munn (Randy), all of Tobermory; and special mum of Michelle Haynes, of Meaford. Cherished grandmother of 14; great-grandmother of 21; and great-great-grandmother of 2. Beloved sister of Marj Bartley, of Owen Sound; and sister-in-law of Shirley McFarlane, of Tobermory. Denelda will be sadly missed by her many nieces, nephews and friends. Predeceased by her husband Lyle (1978); her brothers Denard, Lorance and Claude; and her sister Jean Robbins. The family invite friends to call at the Tobermory United Church on Wednesday, October 21st from 2-4 and 7-9 pm, where a celebration of life service will be held on Thursday at 1 o'clock. Cremation to follow. Funeral plans arranged at the Thomas C. Whitcroft Peninsula Chapel, 272 Berford St., Wiarton (519) 534-5341. In lieu of flowers, donations to the Stokes Bay Presbyterian Church, Heart and Stroke Foundation or Canadian Cancer Society would be appreciated.
McFarlane, Bertha “Denelda” (I9406)
Elma - Con 1 Lots 1/2 15&16

Household Members: «tab»
William Coates «tab»65
Mary Coates «tab»57

Name: «tab»William Coates
Gender: «tab»Male
Marital Status: «tab»Married
Age: «tab»65
Birth Year: «tab»abt 1856
Birth Place: «tab»Ontario
Relation to Head of House: «tab»Head
Spouse's Name: «tab»Mary Coates
Father Birth Place: «tab»England
Mother Birth Place: «tab»England
Racial or Tribal Origin: «tab»English
Occupation: «tab»Farmer
Name: «tab»Mary Coates
Gender: «tab»Female
Marital Status: «tab»Married
Age: «tab»57
Birth Year: «tab»abt 1864
Birth Place: «tab»Ontario
Relation to Head of House: «tab»Wife
Spouse's Name: «tab»William Coates
Father Birth Place: «tab»Scotland Island
Mother Birth Place: «tab»Ontario
Racial or Tribal Origin: «tab»Scotch (Scotish

Family F1891
From 1942 to 1946, the United States Department of State chartered Gripsholm as an exchange and repatriation ship, carrying Japanese[3] and German nationals to exchange points where she then picked up US and Canadian citizens (and British married to Americans or Canadians) to bring home to the USA and Canada. In this service she sailed under the auspices of the International Red Cross, with a Swedish captain and crew. The ship made 12 round trips, carrying a total of 27,712 repatriates. Exchanges took place at neutral ports; at Lourenço Marques in Mozambique or Mormugoa in Portuguese India with the Japanese, and Stockholm or Lisbon with the Germans. 
Zegerius, Engelina Sophia (I5594)
From the entry in the "Moved to" field it has (Kuster) indicating she married Johannes H. Kuster, who had moved in on the same date as her, moves out on the same date as her, and at the new address for both of them only he is listed with a count of 1 male, 1 female. His birth year is 1949 
Abcouwer, Anna J. "Ansje" (I4305)
26 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F1851
G. Hendrik Aalfs

New York Passenger Arrival Lists (Ellis Island)
Given Name «tab»G. Hendrik
Surname «tab»Aalfs
Last Place of Residence «tab»Ziest, Holland
Event Date «tab»22 Jun 1921
Age «tab»51y
Nationality «tab»Holland, Dutch
Departure Port «tab»Southampton
Arrival Port «tab»New York
Gender «tab»Male
Marital Status «tab»M
Ship Name «tab»Olympic 
Aalfs, Germt Hendrik (I8225)
H A Speers «tab»34
Florence Speers 27
John Speers «tab»4
Clarence Speers 2
Family F1132
Henry White «tab»64
Elizabeth White «tab»56
Alice White «tab»24
Ada White «tab»22
Edgar White «tab»20
Edie White «tab»18
Daisy White «tab»16 
Family F1917
Hoedemakersstraat became the Van Ostadestraat after 1898 when Nieuwer Amstel became part of Amsterdam
Family F3
Hopkins J G Male 34 Born 1857 Ontario Married, parents Ireland & Quebec - farmer
Hopkins Margret Female 18 Born 1873 Ontario Married, parents Ontario 
Family F3894
Hopkins Robert 65 Ireland, Parents Ireland
Hopkins Julie Ann 56 Ontario, Parents Ireland
Hopkins William H 19 Ontario 
Family F2145
Hopkins, Irish, Church of England
Richard 39 Ireland farmer
Biety 38 Ontario
Richard 15 "
George 13 "
Martha 12 "
Mary 10 "
Sarah 8 "
Margaret 6 "
Hanah 4 "
Charles 1 " 
Family F2190
James H Hopkins 29 born 1862 Ontario farmer
Martha Hopkins 32 born 1859 Ontario
Mary Jane Hopkins 5 born 1886 Ontario
Edna Hopkins1 born1890 Ontario 
Family F1031
JJ Bellrose age 50 born October 1860 Ontario
G Bellrose age 40 born July 1871 Ontario
Hennetta Bellrose age 3 born December 1907 Ontario
Charles Bellrose age 2 born March 1909

Family F3845
Just learned that Borden Spears, a Tobermory boy passed away last Thursday, March 17th at the age of 70 . Borden was the Son of the late Mr. and Mrs . Johnny (Jack) Spears and is survived by his wife Mary, sons Tom, John and George and daughter Laura Mullin of Goderlch and sister May Hume of Calgary . Predeceased in 1982 by brother Peter . We at Tobermory always felt proud to have known Borden. He began his newspaper career in 1938 with the Toronto Star after graduating from the , University of Western Ontario . During the second World War , he served with the Royal Canadian Air Force public relations staff, reaching the rank of flight lieutenant . He was twice managing editor of the Toronto Star and a member of the 1980 Kent Royal Commission on newspapers. In 1969 he served as an executive consultant to Keith Daveys, Senate Committee on the , mass media. Borden had also served on the Ontario Press Council, which hears complaints from readers about the performance of member newspapers. He ended his career with The Star as the newspapers ombudsman and senior editor . He had also been photo editor, Ottawa correspondent, city editor, managing editor and foreign correspondent. Borden was one of Canada's best known newspaper men.
Spears, William Borden (I2522)
kind: Jacoba
doopdatum: 25-08-1786
kerk: Westerkerk
godsdienst: Hervormd
vader: Struijkenkamp, Anthonie
moeder: Pieters, Maria
getuige: Plomp, Jeremias
getuige: Struijkenkamp, Alberta
bronverwijzing: DTB 113, p.20(folio 10v), nr.18 #426
Archief van de Burgerlijke Stand: doop-, trouw- en begraafboeken van Amsterdam (retroacta van de Burgerlijke Stand)
Doopregister: NL-SAA-23558279 
Struijkenkamp, Jacoba (I3275)
38 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F1932
Maria Struijkenkamp with her son Bernardus (19) and 2 daughters Anna (20) and Sophia (16) move from the second floor

On Sept 17, 1926 Jacobus Kramer moves with them as a boarder. He is the younger brother of Herbertus Kramer future husband of Sophia

On Jan 5, 1927 Anna marries Johannes Sleijster and he moves in with them. They move out on March 22, 1927 moving in with his parents at the Admiralengracht 4 2 hoog 
Struijkenkamp, Sophia (I6)
Maria Struijkenkamp with her son Bernardus (19) and 2 daughters Anna (20) and Sophia (16) move from the second floor

On Sept 17, 1926 Jacobus Kramer moves with them as a boarder. He is the younger brother of Herbertus Kramer future husband of Sophia

On Jan 5, 1927 Anna marries Johannes Sleijster and he moves in with them. They move out on March 22, 1927 moving in with his parents at the Admiralengracht 4 2 hoog 
Tasseron, Maria Johanna Hendrika (I116)
Maria Struijkenkamp with her son Bernardus (19) and 2 daughters Anna (20) and Sophia (16) move from the second floor

On Sept 17, 1926 Jacobus Kramer moves with them as a boarder. He is the younger brother of Herbertus Kramer future husband of Sophia

On Jan 5, 1927 Anna marries Johannes Sleijster and he moves in with them. They move out on March 22, 1927 moving in with his parents at the Admiralengracht 4 2 hoog 
Struijkenkamp, Anna Juliana (I117)
Maria Struijkenkamp with her son Bernardus (19) and 2 daughters Anna (20) and Sophia (16) move from the second floor

On Sept 17, 1926 Jacobus Kramer moves with them as a boarder. He is the younger brother of Herbertus Kramer future husband of Sophia

On Jan 5, 1927 Anna marries Johannes Sleijster and he moves in with them. They move out on March 22, 1927 moving in with his parents at the Admiralengracht 4 2 hoog 
Struijkenkamp, Bernardus "Bep" (I488)
Joseph 45 England Cooper
Jemima 42 England
Benjiman 19 Canada Cabinet Maker
Ezra H 17 Canada Cooper
John N 13 Canada
Thomas Moses 11 Canada
Aron 9 Canada
Alfred T 7 Canada
Joseph V 4 Canada
Elizabeth J 1 Canada 
Family F3858
Mills all Wesleyan Methodist
Aaron 29 Ontario English Sawyer
Susannah 30 Ontario French
Emely C 5 Ontario
William F 4 Ontario
Ida Eliza 1 Ontario
Mary July 19 Ontario 
Family F3857
Mills all Wesleyan Methodist
Joseph 64 England Cooper
Jemimah 61 England
Alfred T 25 Ontario Cooper
Joseph V 22 Ontario Cooper
Elizabeth J 19 Ontario
Family F3858
Mills all Wesleyan Methodist, All living in the same 1 story log house
Joseph 56 Married England Cooper
Jemine 51 Married England
Thomas M 20 Single Canada Farmer
Aaron 18 Single Canada Cooper
Alford T 16 Single Canada Cooper
Joseph Vinson 13 Single Canada
Jennine Elizabeth 10 Single Canada
William 31 Married England Cabinet Maker
Benjjamen 29 Married Canada Cabinet Maker
Isera H 26 Single Canada Cooper
John N 23 Single Canada Cabinet Maker 
Family F3858
Moved from Kuiperstraat 77 II with her two sons Dirk and Joop
Moved in with daughter and son-inlaw: Christina Margrietha Schwarz & Antonius Wilhelmus Petronella Janssen

Molleman, Elisabeth (I8)
Organized in March 1916 under the command of Lieutenant-Colonel H.R.Lordly
Authorization published in General Order 69 of 15 July 1916
Mobilized at Montreal.
Recruited in Quebec.
Left Halifax 27 November 1916 aboard METAGAMA
Arrived in England 6 December 1916.
Strength: 26 officers, 609 other ranks.
Absorbed by 5th Canadian Divisional Engineers at Witley in February 1917.
Disbanded by General Order 63 of 1 June 1917.
Colours presented at Point St Charles race track on 3 June 1916. 
Dijkman, Johannes Cornelius (I4082)
She moved in with her grandmother Maria Struijkenkamp nee Tasseron, who dies 5 months later on 9 Dec 1952

She stays here, gets maried on 18 March 1953, when her husband Adriaan Abcouwer joins her here. He had been living at her parents house since 29 Dec 1951 (where she also lived at the time) 
Sleijster, Johanna "Jos" Carolina (I222)
SMITH, Everett Melville - As a result of a fall, Everett Melville Smith of London in his 82nd year, died on Saturday, October 21, 2006. Beloved husband of Dorothy A. (Ramage) Smith for 56 years. Loving father of Susan, Janet, David and his wife Shannon and Julie. Proud grandfather of Nathan Zaplatar (Erin), Michael Smith (Becky), Jeffrey Smith, Keegan Smith and great-grandson Brayden Smith. Everett will also be missed by many nieces, nephews and their families. Predeceased by his brothers and sisters. Everett was a talented musician, with a strong compassion for others. He will be greatly missed. Friends will be received by the family from 2-4 and 7-9 P.M. Tuesday, at the A. MILLARD GEORGE FUNERAL HOME, (1-877-246- 7186) 60 Ridout Street South, London. The funeral and celebration of Everett's life will be held on Wednesday, October 25th, 2006 at 2:00 P.M., at Wesley-Knox United Church, 91 Askin Street, London, with Reverend Thomas D. Hiscock officiating. Interment in Greenwood Cemetery, Owen Sound, Ontario. As an expression of sympathy, in lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be made to the Cardiac Fitness Institute, 800 Commissioners Road East, P.O. Box 5375, London ON N6A 4G5 or to the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Ontario, 617 Wellington Street, London ON N6A 3R6. 10404510 
Smith, Everett Melville (I10030)

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